Making a successful Leader

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A leader with  – Winston Churchill style, Stalin style, Hitler style, Mahatma Gandhi style, Abraham Lincoln style, Donald Trump style, Martin Luther King style or Putin style ?

It is interesting to note that all of them are known leaders, different styles  – soft or hard, loud or silent, jingoist or peaceful. They were or are able to command over people in one way or the other. Leaders must remember that they are there because of the trust shown by the public in them and hopes they have in them. Unfortunately in many cases the ego in many leaders force them to take decisions without taking their team into confidence and the power is short lived. The way they are talked in the public and remembered by their people determines the popularity of a leader.

Leadership in corporations and companies work in a same way. If the team fears you, they will follow the instructions to get paid and lack ownership. If they are brought into the mainstream and have a buy-in, they will show interest in speaking up and sharing their ideas leaving a culture of trust and ownership. The personality traits of leaders determines how they behave with their team, their people and how they prioritize their vision. It is known, “Leaders are not born, they are made”. Well, actually I feel Leader are not always made, they have some inherent qualities. These you can observer from the very beginning (even before they reach teenage) and these can be polished to make them better leaders. So yes they are made, but you cannot make a Leader out of anyone !!

If you notice these traits in someone in your organization, please respect the talent. Catch this talent, mentor, nourish and make the Leader out of them. Leadership styles determine results.

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