7 Tips for better quality of life

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Following rules or processes may sound boring but sharing ideas on improving quality of life is not bad. Do you think it is a waste of time as you never stick to them? I think it is still worth a try. A ‘good practice’  for few weeks out of 52 weeks is also an achievement. Coming straight to the options, well I have some in mind which I want to suggest if you are still confused:

  1. Staying Healthy
    1. This can be linked to joining a Gym, Yoga, Walking for at least 4 days a week or jogging or taking 20 minutes in the morning in the study room for basic stretching exercises.
    2. Other than exercise, this can also be eating healthy food – fruits, adding more organic diet to your food, more of water intake, less of caffeine, fat, oily and fast food stuff.
    3. Having a positive attitude towards life and not being remorseful and sad all the times – believe me that kills your energy.
  2. Read an extra book or target some specific book(s). Pick up a subject of your interest (preferably non-fiction) and you will grow by an inch. Try to brainstorm or argue with the author in your mind. This will increase your critical thinking ability.
  3. Reduce the Screen time. You can use this time in reading or doing some other useful work or simply sleeping a little extra. You can even spend this time gained with family or in a sport activity or outdoor game or a hobby.
  4. Spend more time with family. By the time you think you made good money and feel you are settled, you will not even know that your kids have grown older and you lost the time to play with them and enjoy the ‘silly and funny moments’. But then, there is no re-play, ‘you live your life once – and there is no rewind button‘.
  5. Career growth cannot be ignored and especially when you want to make smart moves. The first thing that comes to my mind is ‘Certifications‘ which is an official credential for you to be qualified. Look for a certification which suits your career path and target for it in the new year. You may also find online courses and podcasts to enhance your knowledge during your travel time.
  6. Evaluate your financial goals. Your financial health checkup is as important as your physical full body checkup. Situations change, needs change, expenses and their categories change, family and business priorities change, change in the market and political scenarios of your country or province change – and they all impact your finances. You cannot ignore it as you know for ever want or need you require money.
  7. Call your friends and relatives to wish on an occasion rather than sending a message or whats-app message. Don’t be cold, let the effect of global warming reach your heart

Share your comments on your new year resolution and opinions about it.

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