You will learn from beginner to intermediate level knowledge on personal finance, investments and taxes. No textbook concepts, if you want to go through the terms and definitions you can visit Investopedia. Understanding basics of your own financial situation is important and don’t just rush to a financial advisor to ask him about your financial risk capability. Do your homework please and do not get fooled !!financial advisor

Is it really worth investing in registered plans? Some people think the property they live in will give better returns. A question is will the real estate market be same when you retire and are you sure about the condition of house after a decade and if need be where you will get money to maintain it? Recently a friend of mine who was on vacation when returned home noticed his house and basement was flooded due to a pipe burst. He was provided an estimate of 50 thousand dollars. It is important to think from all aspects than just focus in one source of income. We need to diversify the risks just as we diversify our investment or saving portfolios. Some ideas on investments and how it can lead to growth of money will be discussed in this blog.

Investing in stocks, what is the right approach and recommendations on current stocks, ETFs to buy and what should be the right portfolio for you needs? I would be writing blogs from time to time to leave recommendations.