Which Certifications can boost salaries ?

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For those of you who are tech savvy and have technical bent of mind, you need to think for technical certifications. Do not go for Project Management related certifications to follow the crowd. If you plan to go for a Techno-Managerial role, yes you can think across. Developer Related certification: There are many developer specific certifications. People still go for … Read More

Making a successful Leader

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A leader with  – Winston Churchill style, Stalin style, Hitler style, Mahatma Gandhi style, Abraham Lincoln style, Donald Trump style, Martin Luther King style or Putin style ? It is interesting to note that all of them are known leaders, different styles  – soft or hard, loud or silent, jingoist or peaceful. They were or are able to command over … Read More

Loud Leadership

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Loud Leadership is not any formal form of leadership(don’t start looking in PMBOK). Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this term earlier. I am sure you must have leaders in your company  who are loud. They feel, the louder they speak the better their point of view is conveyed. They are under the impression that being loud in meetings, … Read More