Are Cannabis stocks risky?

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Quick money  – Cannabis stocks Cannabis which is also known as marijuana becomes legal in Canada starting October 17, 2018. There are lots of fears gripping the society about making it legal. Some people think this will prevent the crime as it will no longer be sold illegally. Without going into analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing, lets … Read More

Do emotions matter in trading?

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Emotions and Trading I have heard some very professional experts saying “Emotions should be kept out of business or trading”. So do emotions really do more harm than benefit ? Lets discuss some details about it and dig some facts. Why do stock prices rise? There are many reasons that stock prices rise but lets broadly classify into two: The … Read More

Perfect Stocks for your portfolio

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Professionals use various ratios and trends to analyze suggest the stocks and ETFs. I will focus on some basics and not go in technical details in this article. What is important to understand is the timing of the market. Take an example of Apple (AAPL), it is a choice of many investors including the portfolio of Warren Buffet. If I … Read More