Perfect Stocks for your portfolio

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Professionals use various ratios and trends to analyze suggest the stocks and ETFs. I will focus on some basics and not go in technical details in this article. What is important to understand is the timing of the market. Take an example of Apple (AAPL), it is a choice of many investors including the portfolio of Warren Buffet. If I … Read More

Teach Finance from Age 9

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When to teach finance to your kids ? When should you teach finance and its concepts to your child ? I would say the earlier the better, don’t wait for him or her to learn from school. One of my friend does not “expose” his smart teenage kid to concepts of investing as he thinks his mind will get ‘corrupt’. … Read More

Top 15 Interview Questions

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Here are some of the key interview Questions you must know and make sure you review them multiple times. Tell me about yourself Why do you want to work for our company/organization Why should I hire you ?  (show your ability, e.g. say because I have what it takes to fill the job like solve customer problems using my excellent problem … Read More

Which Certifications can boost salaries ?

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For those of you who are tech savvy and have technical bent of mind, you need to think for technical certifications. Do not go for Project Management related certifications to follow the crowd. If you plan to go for a Techno-Managerial role, yes you can think across. Developer Related certification: There are many developer specific certifications. People still go for … Read More

Getting a Job through Consultants

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Being highly qualified or having experience does not always guarantee a job. Some are smart enough or say lucky to get through the interviews and some have to struggle because of various reasons. Consultants or job agencies are one good way to approach who help to give a boost to your career. I managed to compile a list of some … Read More