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  • Basic Finance tips for beginners - youth, housewives, novice
  • Tips on Personal Finance, maintaining budget at home and managing expenses
  • Tips and experiences on investing in stocks and funds
  • Tips on household basic financials everyone needs to know - Mortgage or Taxes, Benefits, Savings and Insurance 
  • Tips and experiences on advance trading strategies including options 

Job or Business - What would work best for you depends upon your personal situation !

  • A permanent job : if you care about benefits, long term career and relationship or
  • Contracting (consulting) : If you want to save extra bucks on taxes and have alternate options of benefits like medical insurance
  • Joining a startup or consulting company: If you are full of energy and are ready to work long ours with good pay package.
  • Entrepreneurship or starting your own business: If you have a spark in you and dare to challenge the world and think differently along with a passion to succeed.

Questions to ask yourself !

Before I go into details, as I am based in Canada, I will take most of the examples considering Canada, however more or less same concepts may apply in different countries with some exceptions on terms and terminologies. Google specifics to your resident country for details.
Some high level basics you need to know no matter how much you earn:

  • How much you should save and how much to invest ?
  • Earning, expenses, saving  – where you stand ?
  • What is your credit scope and do you have a strong credit history ?
  • Have you taken care of the retirement when you have less energy to work and you may be burden on your kids and relatives. It is reality, do not run away from it ?
  • Have you considered saving for your family or dear ones in case of an mis-happening to you ? Don’t be overconfident that you will live till 80 years – life is uncertain !!
  • How much can you risk for fast money ?
  • Where to invest and how much depending upon your age and financial situation ?
  • Are banks the only answer to all financial problems
  • What does it mean to diversify your portfolio ?
  • Have you considered for education of your kids in advance ?
  • Are banks, financial firms, agents making their own money and how much to trust whom ?
  • Are you educating yourself and your family of latest in financials ?

Why US Stock Market ?

If you are serious about making money you cannot afford to neglect the US market. It is a large economy and stock market in US runs the Lion’s share. World’s top corporate houses and funds turn the money around in a big way. Stocks, Funds, Currency, Oil, Commodities or any political remarks by the leaders are big market movers. I will share my recommendations specific to US market regularly in my blog and the Moneypedia. Never forget the currency watch when you invest in US market. You may think (especially in short term trading) that you made a profit of 5 cents per share but may not have considered the currency conversion and price when you invested and when you sold and the commission. Unless you are a large investor, every penny counts!
Feel free to send your articles from your experience for the blog along with a small write-up about yourself and confirming that it is original and not copied from any other source.

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